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Trees and Cliff



Sustainability is an important part of our business moving forward and all our employees, and supply chain have a responsibility to contribute to our sustainability objectives.

We are aware of challenges that industry faces but also society. Factors such as deforestation, depletion of natural riches and poor labour conditions present challenges. These are challenges that require our immediate attention and action.


Therefore, we have developed a sustainability strategy.


The strategy is built on three main areas and targets.



We build relationships with suppliers’ that have sustainability at the forefront of their business. By promoting responsibility in our supply chain, we are contributing to a more sustainable future.


We will work towards that all suppliers of our cabinetry will have an environmental certification outlining their contribution to environmental standards.

Safeguarding and Protection of Forests


We try to contribute to the elimination of deforestation by partnering with manufactures that promote sustainable and responsible forestry and the provision of timber from sustainable sources.


The vast majority of timber used will be from suppliers (manufactures) that build kitchens with wood from certified or assessed forests or recycled wood.

Recycling of Packaging


In today’s world, 40% of all packaging worrying ends its useful life in landfills, while a further third does so in fragile ecosystems such as the ocean. One estimate predicts that by 2050 there could be more plastic in our ocean than fish. Our vision is this never becomes a reality. Working with our supply chain and consumers we will strive to engage in best practice when disposing of all packaging. We have highlighted several companies specialising in the collection and positive recycling of all of our packaging.



Working with our supply chain, we are pushing them to adopt targets as ambitious as using 100% recycled materials in the production of new packaging, to limit unnecessary use of virgin materials.

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