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Modern black german kitchen

German Kitchens

What should come as no surprise is that our German kitchens are the epitome of manufacturing excellence and precision, where quality control is at the forefront.

We partner with one of Germany’s most recognizable kitchen manufacturers who oozes style and sophistication for modern living. Much like our roots, they are a family run business in which their thoughts, actions and opinions are very value oriented. 

Let us inspire your creative juices and select the kitchen that suits your lifestyle. Offering an array of choice, discover an exciting range of kitchens which you are going to fall in love with. With sleek lines, clean finishes, and sophisticated design: a breath of fresh air that uses colour, texture, imagination and innovation to unite stunning concepts with intuitive functionality. What style do you like? Modern, urban, family, luxury or nordic? Experience fantastic German kitchens on an exciting journey - ideas inclusive.

Modern Black German Kitchen 2


The systemat product line offers you enviable quality and exquisite kitchens. This unique style is characterised with a wide variety of colours and high-end materials.

When you are standing in a systemat kitchen, you are going to explore a new aspect of fabulous design. Feel a complete unique kitchen style, incorporating smart features, fabulous extras and exclusive door styles.

Ideas that inspire

zoom on dark grey kitchen


A new product line that has it all: concept130.

Experience innovative progress thanks to a multifunctional grid system and an impressively future-oriented design.

Create your dream combination with complete flexibility - from the visual imagery to the technical implementation and high-end material.

Form and colour in superiority - experience your own personal "perfect match".

Commitment for a better world

We put our corporate philosophy into practice:

climate-neutral production, low-emission furniture production, PURemission, PUResist, high recycling rate. Find out more about our sustainability projects.

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