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Modern Black English Kitchen

English Kitchens

English craftsmanship and cabinetry are in a league of its own. If a traditional inspired design is your preferred choice, you must buy English.


What English manufacturers have over their European counterparts lies in the quality and choice of finish. Each cabinet is made using traditional glue and dowel techniques and every kitchen is made to order and delivered from our handpicked manufacturer here in England.


When most people think of a traditional English kitchen, what they're most likely envisioning is a traditional Georgian shaker style kitchen, characterised by thoughtful, understated embellishments, a restrained colour palette, and a focus on function. Quaint and classic, we simply love a traditional country shaker style kitchen. Drawing inspiration from the big kitchens in farmhouses, open-plan dining and rustic wooden accents, there’s something warm and charming about these kitchens. You do not need to have an unlimited amount of space to bring this style to life, there are plenty of elements that can easily translate to your home. Even if your style is more contemporary, there are plenty of ways to update this look.


Let’s take a look at some of our favourite classic and modern country shaker kitchen ideas, what’s your favourite? Tell us so we can plan your dream shaker style kitchen.

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