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Dutch Kitchens

We are proud partners of Keller Kitchens, a Dutch manufacturer with a rich history. Keller has been producing quality-controlled kitchens since 1946. Although a lot has changed since then, their motivation remains constant. What drives the Keller team is making beautiful kitchens attainable. By developing the right mix of these elements, your dream kitchen can be designed to fit any budget, without compromising style or design.


Keller Kitchens is the brand that keeps a close eye on its environment, alert to design and trends with an attention to detail. Attentive to signs from clients, whether they are positive or negative, Keller picks up on these signs and acts accordingly.


When we design in Keller, we can take advantage of their unique features: you can choose from numerous kitchen fronts, made of different materials and available in various colours (in fact you can choose from 2,050 NCS colours in satin, structured, matt and high-gloss lacquer) and in various price ranges. Their unit programme is huge, with many options in height, width and depth. Keller also offers various types and sizes of glass units, which allows you to add the latest trends to your kitchen design. This means there’s always a design that fits your budget.

Depending on the look and feel you are looking for, Keller categories their kitchens into four interior styles; Modern, Industrial, Classic and Country.

Let us take your through this exciting journey of what Dutch flair offers.

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