The key to your dream kitchen is an immaculate kitchen design.

Example of realistic 3D kitchen designAnd at Kitchens Continental, we are proud to have designed hundreds of dazzling and functional kitchens for our clients in London over the years.

Our in-house kitchen designers have that special imaginative mind to create exceptional kitchen designs incorporating all your requirements, adding useful features and finishing off with a few inventive touches. As a result your kitchen will be unique, beautiful, very practical and coupled with our excellent installation service, will last for decades.

At Kitchens Continental we keep up to date with the latest interior design trends and innovations in the kitchen industry, and we are keen to implement them into our kitchens as soon as they are available.

Getting a bespoke kitchen design – how does it work?

We will start with an extensive consultation with you in the showroom to discuss the general design of your kitchen, whether it should be modern or traditional, whether you have a preference over English or continental types such as German or Italian. Next, we will be looking at samples of wood, glass, stone and tiles to find the perfect colour combination for you.

Eventually, we will go to tiny details and take note of your requirements for layout, functionality and extra features. You will be making many decisions at this point, for example how many sinks or ovens to have, whether or not to have handles-free doors, a kitchen island in the centre and many, many more, but don’t worry, our designers are full of ingenious ideas and you can always ask them for suggestions. Most importantly, the design can be tweaked later as many times as you like until you are fully satisfied with it.

All we need now is to get accurate measurements of your kitchen and we can start working on your kitchen design. The survey will be arranged at your earliest convenience.

Realistic 3D kitchen designs

Once we have discussed all your requirements in detail and surveyed your place, we calculate and prepare a realistic, three dimensional image of your new kitchen (see examples below). It will include all the colours and features we have discussed earlier, and we will also provide you with a complete breakdown of cost.

Of course we can still tweak the design in any way, so that you are happy with every aspect of it and that it sits comfortably within your budget.

Once everything is confirmed, all that is left to do is to arrange a convenient installation date.

3D Design Work

Examples of our three dimensional kitchen design images can be seen below and whenever it was possible, we have included some real life pictures of the kitchens after installation.