Exceptional designer kitchens are available at Kitchens Continental in London.

We are proud to offer two truly extraordinary English bespoke kitchen brands – Stoneham and Brookwood.

Both Stoneham and Brookwood produce completely bespoke designer kitchens in any style, be it traditional, modern, Hi-Tec or Avant-Garde with kitchens hand made to order from the finest materials and any unusual requests such as odd shapes or exotic materials can be accommodated. Solid carcasses and door thicknesses up to 32mm are also available.

Brokwood have over 25 years of experience in crafting individually designed kitchens while Stoneham have over 150 years of experience and were awarded a Royal Warrant in 1995. In fact Stoneham’s reputation is so recognisable the designer kitchens produced by them are often highlighted as a key feature when marketing properties. At Kitchens Continental we are delighted to be a long standing London partner of these brands of designer kitchens.

Browse the image gallery below for examples of designer kitchens from Stoneham and Brookwood.